For about two years now, I’ve been keeping track of business and product ideas that pop into my mind (and the occasional eureka moments) in the ever-awesome Evernote.

This usually happens when i’m personally experiencing a problem that needs solving… and an idea strikes, i write it down and sometimes it snowballs until I have a fair amount of bullet points, notes, resources, examples, etc. laid out. If I’m in the car, I record a voice note. If I’m at the office, I type it out (rapid fire style, holding nothing back).

Well as of today, I have NINETY-TWO ideas written in Evernote. Some ideas might be good, some bad… most are probably crazy, but I’m thinking that when I reach 100, I’ll start publishing a few at a time, sharing them with the world!

I can’t test or do them all myself anyway… and who knows, maybe someone will pick one of the good ones, run with it and make millions!! Yippee! … or they’ll pick a bad one, loose their life savings and get dumped on Christmas. No guarantee here folks.