If you have a product to sell online, you probably know that not all your sales are from first time visits. Sometimes, it can take 10’s or even 100’s of visits to before certain prospects will actually buy.

Below are a few excerpts from an email I received from Anthony Mychal. His blog is about fitness and creating an ideal physique for people who dub themselves as “skinny fat”.

In his email, he starts by identifying a common problem among those in his audience and immediately eludes to a solution.

Half way through, mentions his book, and identifies that reading a long book can be daunting, and again, eludes to a solution.

He then introduces his new “cheat sheet”, which is a “CliffNotes” version of his full, 150+ page book.

He gives away the cheat sheet to anyone who’s already purchased (by forwarding the receipt); for those who haven’t purchased the book, he gives them an incentive to buy it and then get the cheat sheet for free.

He also makes it an exclusive deal — he “just finished” and the ONLY way to get the cheat sheet is to buy the book (with no indication of it being released on its own).

So basically:

  1. he created an easy, but still valuable product,
  2. gave me an interesting and educational email to read,
  3. gained respect and appreciation from his audience and,
  4. created a selling opportunity, nudging those on the fence to buy.

… and even for those who didn’t buy, I’m willing to bet their still on his list, waiting for more valuable content, even if it does include a clever sales pitch.

Gaining muscle…losing fat…gaining muscle without
getting fat…it’s all about physiological responses.

That’s it.

If you control your physiological responses, you control
your body. You can do anything you want if you understand


And controlling physiological responses is the cornerstone
of chaotic nutrition.

You might think your genetic powers leave you rather
unable to change your physiological responses.

You’d be wrong.

Remember I mentioned chess players, oh I don’t know…
seemingly forever ago? Dr. Robert Sapolsky says grand
master chess players churn through 6,000 – 7,000
calories on match days.

That’s a whole lot of mental effort.

That’s the power of physiology, even in the absence
of physical activity.

Or should I say, that’s the power of CHAOS.

Given that chaos can be rather chaotic, I created a 1-UP mushroom
for you fine fellows that have made it this far.

It’s been a little while since I wrote The Chaos Bulk, and
a few things have changed on my end. I’ve had a few theories,
ideas, tests…

But, by and large, I wanted to make chaos a little less chaotic.
Taking in boatloads of information from a 150+ page book
is rather daunting. Especially if your eager to read. You fly through.

Maybe you see something you want to remember, but you just
wanna finish. And then if you ever go back, you’re scouring through
pages to find one specific thing.

It’s all frustrating, I’ve come to realize.

That’s why I just finished (quite literally…) The Chaos Cheat Sheet.

The Chaos Cheat Sheet is a ten page word document that goes
over the overriding ethos of Chaos Nutrition. It’s the CliffNotes.
And if you remember back to high school, CliffNotes do come
in handy.

You can read the cheat sheet in ten minutes, and then implement
the principles before fully diving into the book.

It’ll get you on the ground running faster.


Here’s the deal. This is so fresh that I haven’t even added it to
the main package yet. The only way to get your hands on
this is through me.

So if you’re here, and you’ve purchased The Chaos Bulk, forward
me your receipt. Send it to….


And then I’ll send you a copy of The Chaos Cheat Sheet myself.

This is only for those of you here on this email course.

If you haven’t bought The Chaos Bulk yet, what are you waiting for?
Do you wanna fail for years like I did or something? Waste
countless hours with no results, and countless dollars on shady

||||> Click here to buy The Chaos Bulk

If you take the plunge, go ahead and send me your receipt. I’ll
send you The Chaos Cheat Sheet too. (Even though you’re late
to the party!)

Give me a few days to process all of the requests though. And
just to be clear: you have to email me your receipt.

We’re going to wrap things up tomorrow.

It’s been a great time, and I’m hoping you’re enjoying it.

Our power is maximum,