Working in a big company, change happens slowly… if at at. This becomes extremely painful when you’ve got that “itch” to, ya know, grow and progress in your field. It feels like you have to wait 2 years before you can start using 5 year old technology. Insanity.

Anyway, I volunteered to ensure the javascript and css files served up by our mobile site were optimized… So I wrote a script to concatenate and minify the JavaScript and CSS… the (somewhat backward) challenge was that I couldn’t use any hip, popular build tools devs are using today. I couldn’t even use the YUI compressor (java is not installed on the production web servers).

I wrote a Windows batch script to shank n’ bake the files… and dressed up the output a little for fun :). It’s nothing fancy, but it works.


The minifier is a utility called AjaxMin.

Would love to start using node and grunt.js instead.