Tweaky, a new service aimed at those needing small to medium sized changes, or “tweaks”, to their website launched recently… and it was (also) my idea.

I know what you’re thinking: “yeah, sure it was”. But really, I noticed the need for such a service a month ago and got the “spark” for a business idea… and I wrote it down shortly before Tweaky launched.

Here are the exact notes I jotted down in Evernote:

## WP Tweak
* Service for tweaking websites (small to medium changes).
* many small businesses are looking for simple changes to their website
* inbetween a custom website and a premium theme.
* make modifying the themes cheap and easy.
* offer subscription plans (eg. X tweaks per m.)
* Many business owners don't have the time or desier to learn how to modify their site; they just want it done.
* Start by targeting WordPress sites.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not claiming some crazy story like my roommate stole the idea from me while I was on the can, but I did see what the guys at Tweaky saw (a need for a middle-of-the-road service) as the potential for a viable business before I had ever heard of Tweaky or what they were doing.

Maybe it was Obvious?

I’d be willing to bet that there are other people in the “that was my idea, too!” situation regarding a website “tweaking” service. Hell, some probably even had the same idea right around the same time like we’re part some kind of global consciousness! … or maybe it’s just a natural consequesnce to creative thinking and paying attention.

The co-founders of Tweaky (Ned Dwyer and PJ Murray) may not have even been the first to have the idea, but they were the first to move on it, and that’s what counts.

So What Now? Did I Miss Out?

Nah. I’m happy to see a service like that get off the ground. To be honest, I’m not sure I would have had the passion for the concept to see it through.

What this really means to me is that the idea that came from my brain (eek!) was viable and had potential. Who knows, maybe a few of the other ideas sitting in my “idea bucket” have merit 🙂

Remix it!

Everything is a remix, right?

Just because Tweaky was the first in this new market doesn’t mean that someone else can’t do it and do it better. Being first has it’s pros and cons, and can establish a brand as the leader, but I don’t think that’s the case here.  I think there is plenty-o-room in the minds of small business owners for this type of service. Besides, competition drives innovation and curtails complacency.

Maybe you (yes, you!) can do it better. Maybe Tweaky’s models could be tweaked (hehe). Maybe how they’re compensating designers could be improved… or maybe you could do it differently by providing a similar service:

  • for a specific publishing system: WP Tweak, EE Tweak, Drupal Tweak, etc
  • for the cross-section of two niches: WP Tweaks for dog sites
  • adjust the angle: “fix my Sh**y website!” or “upgrade my website social ready”
  • adjust the proposition: “upgrade” instead of “tweak”
  • studio designers vs. crowd-sourced designers

If you think you can compete in this developing market and do it better, you should tooootally go for it! I would suggest not raising venture capitol, or waiting for the stars to align for you, either. You just need to do it, or the next guy who’s riding the innovation wave might.

So to sum up, the need for this kind of “in between” service is now obvious; I see lots of room in this arena and it’d be cool to see your business making a difference for small businesses in need of your services.

Let me know if you give it a go.